07 December 2007

Advertising on Report Cards

McDonald's has underwritten the cost of printing report cards for a school district in Seminole County, Florida. The trade off? A Happy Meals coupon printed on the report card.

Click to read: McD's Newest Ad Platform: Report Cards - Advertising Age - News

Susan Linn, director of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood has this to say in the article:
Lots of companies advertise directly in schools, but I think McDonald's has taken this to an all new low by advertising on report cards. It bypasses parents and targets children directly, [telling them] that doing well in school should be rewarded by a happy meal.
My thoughts:

While many groups are upset about this advertising aimed at children, it is actually smart of the school district to get someone else to foot the $1600 printing bill. With all the cuts in the school budgets, many programs are being cut. If advertisers can pick up the slack, I think it is helpful.

What do you think?


SandyCarlson said...

Makes me think of the ads that run on the Sunday bulletins of some churches. Makes me wonder, too, why, when, and whether, children's report cards will be electronic.

Call me American, but I wouldn't mind a Happy Meal in return for a few good grades!

Unknown said...

sure but maybe a little too blatant even for now? maybe an evening of recognition for the achievers + helping to foot the report card printing costs?

(well, depends a lot on local sensibilities as well i suppose)

still... advertising on report cards seems really quite tacked on tacky!

Anonymous said...

I think that McDonalds is thinking outside the box on this one and their marketing genesis is a good example of strategic thinking in a business. I'm surprised another business didn't think of it first. And some how I imagine a child being happier with a happy meal reward then a carrot stick, they worked hard reward them.

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