15 December 2007

Surfing on Company Time

Burst Media conducted an online survey in November 2007 of 11,510 web users, aged 18 and older about their Internet browsing habits at work.

According to Burst Media, more than 1/4 of Internet surfing at work is unrelated to job duties. Marketers may want to target these workers, since more than 1/2 of respondents shopped online for personal items during work hours.

Making a purchase was the most common personal shopping activity conducted at work (31.7 percent), followed by researching product features (26.6 percent) and comparing retailers' prices (25.8 percent) and finding retail locations (25.1 percent)
From the news release:

Most employees show little remorse regarding their time spent web surfing on company time: Only one-quarter of employees (28.5%) feel guilty about using the Internet on company time, although women are more inclined to feel guilt than men (31.7% vs. 25.6%). Additionally, very few are worried that “big brother” is watching, with only 30.5% of respondents concerned that their employer might be tracking their Internet usage. The one segment that expressed some concern that their web usage might be tracked by their employer was young men ages 18-24 years. Among this segment, 41% expressed concern that their web surfing at work might be tracked by their employer.


SandyCarlson said...

So the Internet has replaced the water cooler! The numbers don't surprise me. I wonder how many people get through a dreary work day buy spending some of their paycheck online! Maybe it's just the reinforcement they need to stay on the job....

Blue Panther said...

hmmm...after reading this I feel a little guilty about the non-work related surfing that I do at work, at times. ;)

Hope you had a great Sunday and have an even better week.

BroTee said...

Just like blue panther said, I feel guilty too. Too often I find myself spending so much time on non-work related sites.
Thanks for sharing this. And thanks for dropping in at my blog.

Anonymous said...

Whatever unrelated to work I try to do, gives a boost to my work, so why not let it be internet! An interesting research BTW!

CyberCelt said...

@sandy-I have not worked in an office since 2001, but even then I was paranoid about surfing using work servers.

@blue panther-As long as you know its okay with the higher ups, then go for it.

@brotee-Oh, we need to feel guilty to be human. LOL

@youpark-I used to feel guilty, but I did it anyway.

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