24 January 2008

Is there a DO NOT TEXT list?

If there is not a do not text list, there soon will be. Cell phone service providers and users are spending a lot of time having charges reversed from spam text messages.

CTV.ca | Text-message spam proves costly for cellphone users

It figures! While huge cell phone companies and mega-media agencies are still trying to figure out how to utilize the cell phone platform for advertising, the spam marketers have it wired and are carrying on with business as usual.


Unknown said...

It's quite a big problem here as well in Malaysia altho it doesn't get that much media coverage

A lot of uncontrolled unscrupulous folks out there. And one-time subscriptions are never just that which more & more coming in for stuff you never ever requested for. Heh.

(please delete if it's a double post - tx)

Anonymous said...

Although we don't encounter this kind of problem in the Philippines, we are sometimes charged for a call never made. It seems like the network's programming sometimes grabbed on a number other than the one being used. This happens most specially if you're traveling at sea.

Anonymous said...

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