10 January 2008

Kevin Federline will Return to SuperBowl

Kevin Federline is gaining recognition on his own merit. Federline, known as the father of Brittany Spears' children and for his appearance in the 2004 Super Bowl half-time show that exposed Janet Jackson's breast to the world, will return to the 2008 Super Bowl.

Click to read: Kevin Federline Finally Finds Some Success - Advertising Age - MediaWorks

New market research from Cymfony on the 2007 Super Bowl advertising spots found that the ad for Nationwide Insurance, during which Mr. Federline rapped about fame and fortune then slipped into working in a fast food restaurant, generated about eight times the buzz as the other Super Bowl ads. The other celebrity ads featured Jessica Simpson singing for Pizza Hut and a Sheryl Crow advertisement for Revlon.

The research makes for interesting reading. Reasons given for the success of the advertisement are the controversy surrounding how Federline represented fast food workers (he issued an apology later) and the fact that he was able to make fun of himself, which was unexpected.

The buzz is that the half-time show for this year's Super Bowl will feature Justin Timberlake and Carmen Electra, representing Pepsi and Hershey's, respectively. I wish him success.


Anonymous said...

The funniest thing of this guy is the way he tries to be funny.

joaquin said...

I like this guy, he seems funny to me.

CyberCelt said...

@jose-I agree.

@joaquin-he is funny. What is not funny is his life.

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