11 February 2008

Protect Your Identity From Theft

Did you know that someone can steal your identity, ruin your credit and change your life forever and there is nothing you can do to stop it? I had a good friend who had her identity stolen. She was turned down for a home loan and fired from her job under a morals clause because of what her credit purchased.

Until that happened, I never thought about identity theft. However, there is a service called lifelock that can protect your identity. Evidently, they watch your credit, scanning purchases and pre-purchase authorizations for fraudulent transactions.

If you have a bank account, credit cards, driver's license or Social Security number, your identity may be stolen. Even children are open to identity theft. When my son was born, I secured a social security number for him. It was years before he used that number, but someone else could have used it. Now he is living on his own and attending college and I worry about his identity being stolen because he keeps losing his IDs while he is busy applying for credit cards.

I am going to look into this service. It is frightening to realize that I or my loved ones could be arrested, pay higher insurance premiums, be turned down for employment or fired or lose our social security or other benefits because someone stole our identity.

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Anonymous said...

Great point about the risk of identity theft to children. My company just produced a free identity theft protection guide to help parents safeguard their friends. I won't publish the link here without your permission- let me know in the comments here if you are interested in checking it out and I would be happy to provide the link to you.

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