23 February 2008

Search Engine Love Fest

According to Advertising Age, Yahoo! is now being courted by News Corp. with . . .
deal that would make News Corp.'s Fox Interactive Media assets part of Yahoo in exchange for a 20% stake . . .
News Corp bid $50 billion, a few billion higher than MSN ($44.6 B). Starting to get the picture? It is a search engine love fest! If News Corp does not acquire Yahoo!, then MSN will come back to the table with a higher bid. Then, maybe News Corp bumps their bid.

No matter what, Yahoo! stock is going to go up.

Thinking of the merge between Yahoo! and News Corp:
  • YaNewsCo!
  • NewsHoo!
  • NewsCorpYa!
  • YaNews!
  • NewsYahoo
Okay, I will stop now, but I do like this search engine courting game.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I really really think yahoo will not sell. If they would, I really would like them to sell to live or microsoft so that google can now have a major competitor. :)

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