14 April 2008

FTC and Behavioral Targeting

Comments on the Federal Trade Commission's proposed behavioral targeting and privacy guidelines were due Friday.

The Center for Digital Democracy filed a document with the FTC asking for a ban on behavioral targeting to children under 13 and an opt-in system for targeting people with certain medical conditions or who are in financial distress.

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A consortium of marketing organizations--including the American Advertising Federation, American Association of Advertising Agencies, Association of National Advertisers, Interactive Advertising Bureau, Magazine Publishers of America and U.S. Chamber of Commerce--filed a brief with the Federal Trade Commission, asking FTC to stop proposing guidelines without proof that consumers are harmed by behavioral targeting.


Anonymous said...

This is the end of thw world. Where are privacy?

sandy said...

Yeah, right. Like following my clicks around the web will tell them anything. I might be looking at clothes I can't fit into yet, books I will never read, and closeups of cellulite on runway models. That has nothing to do with what car I may drive or what I want my kids to get for Christmas. Let them track me. It will set them back 20 years!

Sandy Allen - Photographer, Mom, and Distractive Clicker

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