11 April 2008

Someone is Using Metatags?!?

Interesting read on Technology & Marketing Law Blog about trademarks being used in metatags. The 11th Circuit Court upheld a district court ruling that the use of competitive trademarks in metatags constituted trademark infringement.

Technology & Marketing Law Blog: 11th Circuit Freaks Out About Metatags--North American Medical v. Axiom

From the article:
  • Axiom included competitive trademarks in the metatags
  • Axiom appeared as the second organic search result in Google for the trademarked terms (following the plaintiff, which was #1 in the search results)
  • The trademarked terms appeared in the search results descriptions


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Susan Demeter said...

Interesting! I did not even think companies were doing that. It is rather clever if you think about it though :)

Anonymous said...

Nice link! A very interesting article with a lot of useful info! :-)


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