30 May 2008

Success with Social Spark

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SocialSpark is a new blogging community that will help you to earn money from--and increase traffic to--your blog. SocialSpark has been through both alpha and beta testing periods, so the problems and glitches are gone.

Social Spark is open for business and they want YOU (bloggers) and YOU (advertisers)!

Like most social communities, you will complete a profile page and list and describe your blogs. You may search for people you know and add them as friends; or, if you really like them, they can go in your Fav 9. There are props (thumbs up or thumbs down) that you may give freely. You may also leave a comment or feedback on their blogger profile.

From any page in SocialSpark, you may view the details of an opportunity by clicking the title or image for the opportunity. You are taken to the opportunity page, where you simply click the Take This Opportunity link if the opportunity is available.

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You will then be on the submission page where you read the instructions, receive the links for, and complete all details on the opportunity once you have written it.

1. Instructions from advertiser.
2. All the links you will need to complete the post. Note the "nofollow" attribute in the links and disclosure badge.
3. This is where you complete the blog name, post name and post URL.
4. If you post the HTML version of your post here, verification is performed automatically.
5. Basic CAPTCHA.
6. You agree to the terms and submit your post.

Note: If the opportunity is currently full, you will see Wait for a slot. Clicking this will reserve a spot when it opens up. You will receive an email telling you which opportunity opened up.

SocialSpark has a code of ethics that is very similar to the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) code of ethics. The SocialSpark code of ethics provides for in-post disclosure for full transparency and honesty in blogging. Bloggers tell the truth about a product or a service because no one is forced them to take any opportunities, there are specific categories the blogger chooses to blog about, and there are enough opportunities that bloggers do not take any they do not want.

So, Begin Your Success with SocialSpark Today.

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