21 June 2008

Blog Your Blessing : Blessing Bags

For some reason, I became accustomed to using debit and credit cards for all purchases. I never missed having money until I had to drive by a homeless person on the side of the road. As I drove by, I thought about where I would be without faith, family and friends. I wondered what Jesus would think of me driving by without stopping. That evening I went to the store, purchased some food, and made up bags of food.

I call them blessing bags:

  1. canned meat

  2. package of crackers and cheese (or peanut butter)

  3. granola bar

  4. bottle of water

  5. box of raisins

  6. can/cup of fruit

  7. napkin, plastic utensils, salt & pepper

  8. prayer card
I keep these bags on the back floorboard of my car. Now, when I see a homeless person, I grab a bag, pull to the side of the road and honk. When the person comes to the window, I say, "Here is some food for you."

When I hand over the bag of food, I always receive a "God Bless You." That is why I call them blessing bags.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea!!! Can you imagine how much better this world would be if we all just did one such kind thing :)

Happy BYB Sunday my friend!

SandyCarlson said...

Great idea! You have inspired me to do the same. In Waterbury, CT, there are plenty of people in need of a meal. God bless!

Anonymous said...

that's very kind of you. while i think that we only help them become more dependent on others by giving them always, you are giving them a bit of God's blessing.

i think that the best way to help though i do not criticize your way of helping, is that people in a community should have projects that could make this people work on their own to earn for themselves.

CyberCelt said...

@sue-It works for me. Another idea would be to buy gift certificates at fast food places and give them those.

@I knew a blogger who used to go to the park to give out sandwiches to the homeless. The cops told her to stop because she was encouraging the homeless to stay. Auuggghhhh!

@bingskee-In the USA, 80% of the homeless are women and children. Many others are veterans that have been forgotten by their country, mental patients forced to the streets when hospitals closed in the 1980s, people with handicaps (visible and not). I have a dream about helping the homeless with two legs and four legs. If you wish to read it, please visit (http://blog.texasrvtravel.com/

Paulie said...

That is a blessing to those in need for sure! I wonder if you could also get a list of agencies that help out and include that paper in the food bag. Some may not know they can get free clothes or a meal or a good night's sleep.

I am always wary of handing out money because I want it spent on their hunger and not misused.

God bless YOU for thinking and acting on this. I don't drive but I reckon I could get gift certificates. . . just wonder if they feel self conscious going in food establishments. . . there's always a way.

Jesus said, Whatever you do to the least of these, you do unto me.

Soon as I get a bit more settled in my tiny apartment, I plan to go volunteer at Friends of the Carpenter, a place where they make things from scrap wood nd sell for donations. This program also feeds them, gives them work to do without pay and has a chapel service for them and their families.

kuanyin333 said...

You have inspired me!! Truly a wonderful idea! May you be blessed many times over for your kindness!

Anonymous said...

What a good idea. I am sure those hungry and homeless appreciate your gesture of kindness.

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful way to give to the needy!! My husband and I do not live in an area where there are visable homeless where I could make use of your idea. But we make a concerted effort to donate to the local food pantry, toys to Toys for Tots and clothes to various charities as well. No matter how little we think we have there are always those who have less and its a lesson we hope we have successfully passed on to our girls.

CyberCelt said...

@paulie-I am sorry to say that there is one homeless shelter in town and they only take families. Gift certificates will work and the homeless can usually go into fast food places. I look forward to your tales of Friends of the Carpenter.

@kuanyin-I am blessed and passing on what I have been given.

@nellie-Thank you. I am heading over to your blog to read your blessing.

@mama kelly-There are more and more homeless and people living in cars because of the economy.

Marilyn said...

Great idea!

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

A great idea... and a true blessing for those in need. You're one of the good ones, CyberCelt!

Anonymous said...

thanks for shairing

Unknown said...


interesting as well seeing how things differ in different places at a street level

over here, most if not all are actively put into homes/shelters by the authorities/charities/etc

(while some are actually professional panhandlers who make quite a bit of $)

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