20 June 2008

Out Spottt and No 125 Exchange

I have taken the Spottt box and the 125 Exchange box off this blog. I was trying each for a few months as detailed in these previous posts: Spottt and 125 Exchange. After a few months, I have decided it is not worth the blog sidebar space.

The problems with both programs were the same:
  • No way to determine where your advertisement had being shown.
  • No way to select blogs on which you would like your advertisement to be shown.
  • A click-through rate of .1% for both programs for all advertisements and displays.
  • Low caliber of some advertisements displayed on my blog.
  • Slowing of blog load time.
Both programs were free, so it was not an easy decision to make to discontinue them. As a marketer, I am always thinking about brand awareness. Should I keep both programs because someone may see my blog or blog advertisement and remember it from one of the two programs? I finally decided no.

These were my results. Perhaps yours would differ.


Anonymous said...

Nice article, now i know about Out Spottt and No 125 Exchange. Thanks :)

CyberCelt said...

@adverting way - Thanks for stoping by. The names of the programs are Spottt and 125 Exchange. LOL

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