09 June 2008

Things are Tough All Over

The latest victim of high gas prices is prostitution. In Nevada, where prostitution is legal, the pleasure business has dropped as the price of diesel has risen.

Filling an 18-wheeler can cost more than $1,000. For an independent trucker, this does not leave much discretionary income for recreation and relaxation.

The economic impact of legal houses of prostitution on the state economy is estimated to be an annual $400 million.

From Bordellos on Billboards - Advertising Age:

A law from the 1970s forbade Nevada's brothels from advertising outside their local area was struck down in July:
American Civil Liberties Union challenge was filed on behalf of several brothels and local newspapers arguing the First Amendment protected commercial free speech too.

In addition to billboards, other innovative marketing promotions include get your ticket punched and your 10th visit is free, marketing brothels as "home away from home," and free buffets and BBQs.

Maybe the brothels should put in gas pumps?


Karen said...

I had no idea that prostitution is legal in Nevada.

Anonymous said...

I assume this means that independent truckers will be going the "self serve" route?

CyberCelt said...

karen-yes, and gambling too. Seems like it would be hit by a hurricane or something, doesn't it?

@david-LOL You are bad!

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