22 July 2008

Discover New Jersey

My cousin who lives in New York State told me that she, her husband and child might move to New Jersey. I am not sure where she is planning to move, but I looked at the map of New Jersey and there are six regions: Gateway, Shore, Southern Shore, Atlantic City, Delaware River and Skylands.

There are miles and miles of beaches, 11 lighthouses, historic towns and byways, gambling and big city entertainment, family fun destinations, snowboarding and skiing, wineries, cultural centers, music venues and many places to get away from it all.

I entered the search phrase, Real Estate New Jersey, and found a site called RealEstate.com. This is a great website if you want the "street view" for homes in almost 1500 cities nationwide. You may also use the site for reference to find information on the costs of homes, weather patterns, crime statistics, length of commute to major city for over 22,000 cities across the United States. There are also several guides on buying and selling a home, financing, moving and home and garden.

I read that New Jersey is the most densely populated and the second wealthiest state in the nation due to some areas of New Jersey being part of the Greater Metropolitan areas of New York City and Philadelphia. My cousin and her family will be moving to a very central location if they wish to travel the eastern seaboard. One thing I did notice is that homes are expensive compared to Texas. The advanced search function had the division of $400,000 and under. In Texas, that would be $100,000 and under. Maybe my relatives have more money than I knew. I shall visit them when they move into their palatial new home.


Anonymous said...

One of my golden rules is "Never move to Jersey" Armpit of America, eh?

Anonymous said...

Well..i havent visited new jersey yet.But i soon will:)

CyberCelt said...

@bernhard-I know you come for the link, but I love your comments.

@snark-Actually, it looks nicer than I expected

@hostmonster-Let me know how the beaches are.

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