05 July 2008

Endorphin Improves Efficacy of Scent Marketing

Believe it or not, the latest media is a delivery system for scent. If you wish to see the beginnings of scent marketing, you may want to read Wall Street Journal Leads Readers by the Nose and 2007 Might Be "The Year of the Scent" on this blog, Advertising for Success.

From the AdAge.com website:
This week's first international conference on scent marketing drew attendees from 20 countries . . . Scent World Conference also showcased an amazing array of technologies for dispensing, embedding and transmitting smells in spaces as small as supermarket product packages and as large as entire sports stadiums.

You Have to See This VIDEO

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Anonymous said...

This type of marketing isn't really all that new. Ever walk into a grocery store and the first thing you smell is fresh doughnuts? It's done purposely.

Being from Nevada, I know that casinos implement the same types of tactics. If you've ever been inside one, you notice that it's always dim and outside sunlight is blocked from entering the casino floor, so the gambler loses track of time. It's also been shown that certain types of smells and music will keep a person tranquil enough to keep maxin' out those credit cards.

As far as subliminal advertsing goes, casino owners have it down pat.

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