23 July 2008

Update On Net Neutrality

Save the Net Now

FCC chair Kevin Martin has gone on record to say he plans to rule that Comcast violated net neutrality principles. So, we may be certain that the FCC will issue a ruling against the cable company.

Daily Online Examiner » Blog Archive » Comcast to FCC: Our Traffic Shaping Was Lawful
But that doesn't mean there's no suspense left. Digital rights advocates are worried that the ruling might be too narrow to serve as a ringing endorsement of net neutrality. And Comcast is still clearly hoping that whatever order comes down has little impact on the company's practices.

Comcast sent the FCC a letter, retaining the tired argument that it did nothing wrong in delaying some peer-to-peer traffic. This letter, prompted by a filing last week by net neutrality advocate Free Press,. Free Press claims that Comcast's approach for managing such congestion is unreasonable and violates the rules of net neutrailty.

There might not be a "comprehensive list of standards," but the FCC has been on record since 2005 as saying that consumers should have access to applications of their choice.

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Some Audio Guy said...

Nice article.
These stories help get the spirits up, but I'm still very skeptical that our law makers know what they're doing with this stuff. I doubt they know how much damage is being caused by allowing cable and phone companies to dictate the future directions of telecommunications.

Just like any other industry tanking now (energy, banking, etc), the only way to allow a truly free market to prosper, is to regulate the crap out of it. Net Neutrality is the first big fight to win, if we are to remain competitive online.

Let's hope that elected officials find the good sense to realze that.

Anonymous said...

I attended the same panel Matt did on "white spaces" and other issues regarding freeing up the spectrum and networks at PDF last week. There's a lot about this technology I still need to understand, but, wow, what an opportunity. Just thinking about using UHF bands for broadband...

CyberCelt said...

@audio guy-I love that dog. I have to laugh, but I agree totally with your statement about regulating the hell out of the free market. Otherwise, the little guy gets hosed. I just heard the "Internet as pipes" guy (R-Alaska) got busted for not claiming big presents made to him by oil company. Sometimes, karma just slaps you up side the head.

@hank freid-I hate to delete your comments, but they are in violation of my comment policy because they lead to a commercial site. You should start a blog to liven up your hote site anyway.

Some Audio Guy said...

Thanks CC.
Biggs makes a GREAT avatar.

I'm kinda silly excited about Ted Stevens getting indicted. Maybe now the "Tubes" will have an easier time staying neutral?

Anonymous said...

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Peter Sotry said...

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