02 August 2008

High Definition Radio is Here

I remember when FM radio was introduced. Suddenly, there was a completely new sound on the radio. Now, it is time for the next generation in radio--High Definition (HD) Radio.

To listen to HD Radio, all you need is an HD Radio Receiver. New cars may have the HD Radio Receiver as an option, or you may buy one for your car, starting at $100. HD Radio Receivers for your home will cost more.

iPod tagging is a feature available on specific HD Radio Receivers. As you listen to HD radio, if you hear a song you want to hear again, just hit TAG on the radio. The information about the song and the actual audio file will be transferred to your iPod the next time you synchronize.

There are many AM and FM Texas High Definition Radio stations, mostly in the bigger cities. HD radio is broadcast by antenna, so you must be within the listening area of an HD Radio station to receive the signal.

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