19 August 2008

Net Neutrality: Why You Should Give a Damn

If you believe in a true open market and don't want to give your freedom of choice to some corporate Big Brother, if you don't want your Internet experience censored, if you enjoy watching YouTube or visiting Facebook without limitations -- you probably support Net Neutrality without even realizing it.

Read the rest of the post by Michael Janover, in the Rocky Mountain News


Anonymous said...

I have heard about the net neutrality issue about a year and a half ago when we were making fun of that guy with the "series of tubes" comment.

What is going on with the whole issue? Where are we at? Are we going to be voting on anything in the near future?

Paulie said...

China lost my respect at the opening of the Olympics when they had the "pretty girl" dub the song the "ugly" one was singing in the back. I thought the real singer was just precious and typified kids at her age who start losing their teeth.

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