08 August 2008

Special Baby Shower Invitations

The daughter of one of my best friends is having a baby. This is a very happy occasion because she and her husband have been trying to get pregnant for a long time. My friend, grandma, was completely frantic because she lives in a small apartment and she did not know what to do or where to do it. I volunteered my home for the baby shower, my time to organize the party, and offered to purchase the Baby shower invitations.

Above is the invitation I selected. It is perfect because the nursery is going to be decorated in a Noah's Ark motif. I can purchase 30 for $19.99 and that includes the matching envelopes. I can also get a bonus of 10 free invitations by using the coupon code Free Invite - 10 Free Invites. I plan to have one of the invitations framed for the nursery as a gift.

I better get started, the shower is three weeks away! First, I have to sit the mother-to-be down and get her approval of the Shower Invitations and the Thank You Cards (see below), which I could not resist. Then I will need the name and addresses for the invitations. Next, I will plan some snacks, beverages, games and decorations.


Sonya said...

I recently learned about Vista Print for baby shower invites. I love that website because you can literally create your own invitation from scratch, and their system is so easy to use. They have a lot of backgrounds and colors to choose from. You can use the wording that they already have, or replace it with your own.

Anonymous said...

I must be getting jaded. With 10 kids now, I don't think I would have time for a baby shower! LOL. We just had a new one 3 weeks ago, and somehow, celebration seems to be the last thing on our minds when trying to get the newest to adapt to the other 9! :-) Or vice versa!

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