05 November 2008

The 44th President of the United States

The election of Barack Obama shows that the America of opportunity is not gone, that apathy has not destroyed our interest in how we are governed and political campaigns may be run with honor. This was the kindest, gentlest campaign that I can remember. The GOP got a little dirty the last few days, dragging up the preacher in Obama's church again. By then, the momentum that Obama had built was steaming on to the White House and nothing was stopping him.

I would also like to recognize how gracious John McCain was in his concession speech. He is a gentleman of honor and personal integrity, a true American hero. God bless him.

God Bless America!


Unknown said...

I definitely agree with you. Although I am not necessarily an Obama supporter, he was definitely my choice between him and McCain. Nonetheless, McCain's speech was great and moving. Many of his followers were getting out of hand during his speech, yet he remained calm and basically shushed them with his hands and words.

Anonymous said...

I admire both gentlemen. They are both great men: Obama and McCain. I vote for one but I won't say who. I give my warmest congratulations to U.S. President Barack Obama. :)

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