16 January 2009

Windows Worm Hits 3 Million Computers

As reported back in December, Internet Explorer has a major security flaw. Evidently, not everyone heard the news or, for some reason, did not update their security. If you use Internet Explorer, make sure you update your anti-virus software and install Microsoft's MS08-067 patch.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Three million hit by Windows worm

The malicious program has infected computers in many different parts of the world, with machines in China, Brazil, Russia, and India having the highest number of victims.

Either switch browsers or update Internet Explorer.
This is one nasty bug--and it is evolving.


Anonymous said...

That's why I never use Internet Explorer, besides crashing everytime. I changed to Mac about 6 years ago and use Safari and Firefox with no problem.

My wife uses a windows laptop and she insists on using Internet Explorer even though I installed FireFox on her computer.

Thanks for the update, I'll have to update the security on her computer.

CyberCelt said...

@carlos-Good luck with your wife's computer. Perhaps if you tell her that IE has some serious security issues?

Anonymous said...

Thanks CyberCelt, so far no virus on her computer but she already knows about the security issues but she forgets, lol.

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