18 May 2009

Building a Blogging Community

Over at SlogBite, there is an article about the 13 Rules of Blogger Etiquette. I think these items of netiquette should be adopted by all who want to be part of the blogging community. They should be taught to new bloggers, along with the best way to remove the NAV bar from Blogger.

Now, dropping your EntreCard is not conducive to exploring blogs and commenting on posts. I think memes are better, because you come to the blog to read the meme post. However, with the advent of Mr. Linky, sidebar busting blogrolls, most people are not visiting, from blog to blog, in a way that builds community.

Join Click and Comment Monday in the post below if you wish to build community.


Margaret said...

I like leaving comments and don't really feel like I have to be considered part of a community to do so. I AM part of several, but if I weren't I wouldn't consider myself lacking.

I'm not big on memes myself.

That's the beauty of blogging, though. There is plenty of room for meme lovers and all others as well.

Anonymous said...

Is it controversial to say I like the NAV bar and have deliberately left it? Because it's a very handy way to search a blog. Few people add a search box though I quite often want to use one.

CyberCelt said...

@jason-If you would like to join Click and Comment Monday below, we would be glad to have you.

@margaret-It is a good way for new bloggers to be exposed to a variety of blogs quickly.

@A-I had my NAV bars on all my blogs until a few weeks ago. I am still searching for a standalone search engine for my blogs. Site-Search by G@@GLE is expensive.

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