27 June 2009

Tell Your Story in Six Words

Ernest Hemmingway was once asked to tell a story in six words. Almost immediately, he returned with "For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

Could you write a story with six words? Tell your life story in six words? For more information or to submit an official six word memoir, visit Six-Word Memoirs at SMITH Magazine. If you are not submitting to the site, please leave your six-word stories in a comment.

Here are a few of mine to get you started:

Raised in the 1960s. Still kicking.

Celebrate, laugh, live long and prosper.

Drinking and driving too fast. Buried today.


Stefan Martens said...

I buy books I never read.

Whatever said...

OK, this isn't six words, but it does more or less tell my story:

It can be argued that the past is as uncertain as the future; Heisenberg tells us that we cannot be sure of the present. I think therefore I am.

Maritoni said...

Here's mine:

"Always happy though I'm facing problems."

What do you think of it?

Jake said...

"Struggle, I have. Ambition leads me."

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