28 August 2009

New Age Comments

Have you received the New Age comments?
You are possessed of assured karma. Your chi energy is emerging. Your destiny will be found in the impartiality of your loyalty. No tears in the writer no tears in the reader.
Any of the bolded words may be exchanged with others, so the comment may be recycled. The last sentence is always a sentence that reads like a fortune cookie.

I wish I would have copied all the New Age comments I have received in the past week. I was hit pretty hard on all my blogs by the same new agers.

While these new age comments are a bit easier to read, they are still spam.

1 comment:

SandyCarlson said...

If they must show up, I wish they'd show up with the right PowerBall numbers. Yeesh. Thanks for this alert. Didn't know about this.

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