11 August 2009

Twittering During Birth

If you thought bringing a digital camcorder with a zoom into the birthing room was crass, you are going to love this.

Sara, the wife of Twitter's CEO, is twitting while she is in labor. You can catch the latest here: http://twitter.com/sara While you have to give her credit for being a Twitter trooper, I wonder what will happen as we get closer and closer to baby's birth.

I do not know about y'all, but I was screaming to the saints and Jesus to just TAKE HIM OUT! TAKE HIM OUT! TAKE HIM OUT! when my baby was born. It was a natural birth, if you consider I was not drugged and he was pulled from the birth canal backwards with forceps.

Oh, I just checked and she wants her epidural now. Maybe the baby will come fast and she will not be delayed in twittering the entire experience to Twitterdom.

This is opening an entire new frontier. Perhaps I will twitter during my next mammogram, pelvic exam, biopsy or psych evaluation. Just look for the CyberPsycho handle on Twitter and you will find me, capturing, cataloging and sharing my various procedures. Should I keep the specimens for use in follow up blog posts? Only kidding . . .

Sara, best of luck. I hope everything goes smoothly and you have an easy time during the birth of your child. Angels all around you and your family.


Zuse said...

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Jean said...

Lol :P

CyberCelt said...

@Zuse-You may want to read http://cooladzine.blogspot.com/2009/07/get-backlink-you-wanted.html so that you receive a backlink.

@Jean-Thanks for stopping by.

chat software said...

I think it is not very good idea because i consider it as not modest doing!How do you think?

Covek Bez said...

I actually had JUST logged on Twitter when I received an update from Sara that she was in labor. It's crazy how small this world is and that you can actually connect with someone who sort of/ in a way helped create that website that you're using. ( Confusing, I know )

Great blog post, though!

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