26 October 2009

GM : No Longer Like a Rock

I was not surprised to see that GM is failing to use the bailout bucks to turn the company around.

This time, there will be no Bob Seger to pull their fat from the fire. Like a Rock has been used to sell Chevy trucks for years. The way I heard it, Bob Seger did not want to have his song become an advertising tool. A young man who would be laid off if the automotive plant closed, went to Bob Seger and told his story. Like a Rock became a GM anthem.

Now GM is throwing money at advertising without planning it seems. You can read the entire story by clicking the link.

Marketing: Why GM's Advertising Has Failed to Impress - Advertising Age - News
. . .initial response post-bankruptcy was to launch a multimillion-dollar (GM-branded) TV and print ad blitz, entitled "Reinvention." Needless to say it was puzzling and short lived. Following that fiasco were new Buick ads featuring an L.A. "Fashionista." . . . Next up was another multimillion-dollar GM brand campaign featuring the new chairman, Ed Whitacre.
GM is not going to survive if they do not "young up" and start using social networks, mobile marketing and online advertising. They need to drop the print and TV ads or tie them into new media.


dyanna said...

Your blog is really interesting.I'm waiting for your new post.
Have a nice day.

portofinoworld@aol.com said...

GM's numerous ads failed. Due to the economic recession people are also setting aside luxury. We couldn't blame on the ads alone.

CyberCelt said...

@dyanna-Thank you.

@portofino-Please do not leave your email address, just your name or title of your blog. GM ads are bad. They are condescending and they are not hitting the target market.

Vamban News Blog said...

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