18 December 2009

Injader Content Management System

Notice the CMF Ads widget on top of my sidebar? I display advertisements that are related to my blog and this month the advertiser is Injader website. Injader is a content management system for blogs written by Ben Barden.

Ben is admin of CMF Ads and a very nice person. Some members of CMF Ads use Injader. Check out the forums if you are interested, or visit the Injader site.

Click on through . . . Tell him CyberCelt sent you!


franka probanden said...

thank you for this tip. i will take a look on it.

Anonymous said...

nicely explained.Thanks for providing this important information.


Anonymous said...

Hi this is great post.Thanks for sharing.


Gerald said...

Great info. I am considering to install it on my store-front, too!

I used Content Management System to build my online store, too! It was quick, easy and no coding was needed.

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prettu said...

Very interesting advertising you have selected, the perfect solution you have suggested.

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