28 March 2010

Over One Thousand Posts So Far

This is my 1003rd post on Advertising for Success.  Below is my very first post on this blog, over four years ago.

11 February 2006

How to Market to Marketers? No Phone Calls, No Meetings, No Hype!

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The Marketing and Technology Survey found that over 70 percent of the marketers surveyed absolutely, positively, do not want to listen to sales pitches over the telephone. Over 57 percent do not want to meet in person and 63 percent do not want to attend a group presentation.

Most marketers prefer Internet-based presentations and links to more information on the web or by e-mail.

Freely provide the information you wish to share. RSS feeds, email updates, and downloads and on-demand presentations on your website will gather more goodwill than any telephone call, group meeting or personal presentation.

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I do not know if I will be around for another 1000 posts or another four years, but I have enjoyed this sojourn through the bloggosphere with you.




Gloria said...

How does it feel to post over 1000 posts?
I have only 50 posts in total..... 1000 seems like an unreachable number.

Alvan Grace said...

Wow! That's a lot of posts. I'm just planning to start my own blog. This gets me thinking if someday I'd ever get this much posts. And to think that you've only started in 2006. Great going!

Unknown said...

What does the scouter say about the posting level?
It's over one thoooouuuuuuusaaaaaaaand!

Congrats on the post amount. :)


Mike said...

Awesome Job!!!

I have a forum on one of my sites that I have like 1600 posts on... Its cool when things you do build up to an impressive collection. Keep up the good work.

anazybat said...

I really liked your blog! super.. intresting post over 1000 post.. wow!!

Lee H said...

Congrats on your achievement! Might as well come out of "lurk mode" and thank you for all your hard and very useful work :)


Ganesh M said...

It's agreat achievement!!! Congrats for this milestone. It boosts you to have some more-n-more achievements and thus keep going....

FreeSky Blogger said...

I haven't reached such a great amount of posting count but I might someday able as well but it might take some period of years. My goal is to reach more than 1000 post where I think my target is over 10,000 post.

Poland said...

Hope to see the 10.000th post soon!
Congrats on such a number!
Great news!

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