28 April 2010

Boost Rankings and Generate Links

MarketingSherpa: Special Report Part 2: Social Media and SEO – 7 Tactics to Boost Rankings and Generate Links

SUMMARY: Search engines are starting to index the content users create on social media sites – and marketers are taking advantage.
Includes advice for:
o Optimizing social media profiles
o Conducting keyword research
o Generating inbound links
o Coordinating your search and social teams

This article outlines 7 common-sense suggestions on using social media to spread your keyword-rich content and to build links to boost your natural search rankings. If you like part 2, sign up for part 1 (no cost).


stan said...

great article by marketing sherpa

the suscription is quite high but the information they provide is well worth it

arun said...

Getting a good position is search engines is not easy.For this you have to perform lots os seo tasks.

Kreuzfahrt said...

Thanks for sharing of the results of your SEO job!
Hope you'll be better though!

Internet Marketing Program said...

Social media sites are excellent for generating backlinks. It's important to always leave relevant and valuable content around the web though. Spamming sites is never an acceptable practice even if it's done for backlinking purposes.

Nathan said...

To get higher ranking in search engines for your blogs or websites is not so easy as easy to say. But there are still some useful tips also. such as Google, Yahoo and MSN all 3 search engines offer webmaster tools that could help you to get a rank.

Sam said...

I've been using Market Samurai for some time, and it seems to work ok. The problem is, there are so many "ways" to get good listings in Google, so it's more a case of choosing which option to use, rather than choosing the best one.

seo services said...

Now in internet era business is expanding globally. SEO create a successful marketing program.SEO provide the maximum exposure conceivable on the web especially with the advent of social media sites. The most important part of the process is picking the right keywords.

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