08 March 2011

Another Google Algorithm Update

We knew that Google had made a minor change to their algorithm at the end of January. We were told it was to penalize content farms and websites that recycle content. Somehow, Google neglected to tell us about the Panda Update, a major update to their main ranking algorithm.

So how does this new algorithm distinguish good sites from bad? Comparing sites known for original content with sites that contain duplicate, low-quality or irrelevant content. Google also had help from external testers who reviewed a number of sites.

Some site owners have complained of a sudden drop in their positioning and loss of traffic up to 40 percent within 24 hours of the new algorithm implementation.

This update will reduce the ranking of sites that do not contain useful content, so here is a checklist of what your site must include:
  • Original content
  • Authoritative information
  • Added value
  • Significant user engagement with links and social sharing
  • Valuable content across the entire site
If you think your site meets the guidelines above and has been penalized unfairly, Google has started a thread in their webmaster discussion forum where you can provide them with more details on your specific situation. However . . .
Note that as this is an algorithmic change we are unable to make manual exceptions, but in cases of high quality content we can pass the examples along to the engineers who will look at them as they work on future iterations and improvements to the algorithm.

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Lana Adex said...

It seems like content is more and more important. The fight against low-quality site is not over:) What 's going to be next Google's step?

Ascentive said...

Is this Panda update really different from the Farmer update? I feel like the Farmer update was largely aimed at sites hosting masses of duplicate content. What in your eyes are the main algorithmic differences between the two updates?

CyberCelt said...

@lana-I think they will be tweaking this for awhile. They seem to be serious.

@Ascentive-Panda was originally Farmer as I understand it. I think it is the same update, but has had several major tweaks.

Online Personal dating USA said...

very good initiative by google to prevent non usable content on the websites.

Jose Jimenez said...

Hi and thanks for the info regarding the algorithm update. The checklist for websites should be a given for all website owners and social sharing is a key component of getting your content out there. Content is king as they say!

Preparatory School said...

I really be very grateful for these kinds of information.This is really very much suitable for the post and hope you keep giving better information in near future.

Kristoffer F√łns said...

Seriously, content is f*cking key. I like this! No more thin affiliate shite-sites, por favor :)

John Maddox said...

The Panda change has caused some serious panic for a lot of companies that have been scammed by "black hat" SEO's. I for one am hoping this change thins out the scammers who will "optimize" 20 keywords a month for $500.

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scope31 said...

thanks about the info. it's good for adsense-earners.

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