15 May 2011

Free Webinars and Training Program

The Science of Analytics
When: Thursday, May 19 at 2 PM ET

During this complimentary webinar, you will learn:
  • How to conduct research into what your market wants
  • The most important metrics to track
  • How to track the dollars-and-cents ROI of all of your marketing efforts
  • How to conduct tests to constantly improve your website
Always Free--Reserve your spot now!

7 Google Tools to Improve Marketing Effectiveness
Tuesday, May 24th at 2pm

The tools that we will cover during the webinar include:

1. Google PPC
2. Google Docs
3. Google's Keyword Tool
4. Google Alerts
5. Google News
6. Google Reader
7. Google Maps

Free, but register now

The Marketing Agency Training Program which starts next week will highlight proven sales and delivery processes that successful agencies have used to achieve repeatable, sustainable ROI for both their own businesses and that of their clients. Nearly 350 marketing agencies and consultants have attended the series to date, and with new sales-focused topics being added, we expect that number - and the number of their resulting successes - to grow this month!

This Series of Marketing Agency Training Webinars will Cover:

  • How to set goals for your agency, in addition to typical strategies and challenges agencies face.
  • How to construct materials and a website that positions you as an online expert.
  • How to generate leads, prospect and qualify for new business.
  • How to implement a sales process that helps you sell value and secure retainers.
  • How to leverage integrated software and an online marketing methodology to track, measure, and improve client ROI.
  • How to respond to frequently asked client questions, as well as consultative insights and delivery methods from veteran HubSpot consultants. 
Register Now for the Marketing Agency Training Program! Only the first 1,000 attendees will be able to attend the live sessions.


Shannon said...

Thank you for posting your webinars. Do you do these regularly? I just came across your blog today and cannot attend on the 24th. Thank you!


menuisier paris said...

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Latest Trends said...


is these webinars free...?

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