01 July 2011

Uncoventional Ads Wins Awards for MacLaren McCann Calgary

What makes an excellent ad? You could ask MacLaren McCann, the ad agency that came up with the award-winning campaign for Fotolia entitled #1 in Europe. MacLaren McCann pushed the boundaries of advertising. They took a risk, creating an unconventional campaign that did not include any mention of price, quality or product. 

From only a single run-on sentence, a couple fragments, and a dash of tastefully arrogant sarcasm, you learn that Fotolia is Europe's number one stock photography company.

See all advertisements which were created on both sides of the Atlantic here.

Agency: MacLaren McCann Calgary
Art Director: Mike Meadus
Creative Director: Mike Meadus
Copywriter: Nicolle Pittman
Typographer: Mike Meadus

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I think, that's brilliant on part of Maclaren McCann to think of such a mindboggling idea. I really appreciate it. And they gained this success due to their ability to take rIsk and it worked. Nowadays, excess designing, over thinking is not striking, but simple ideas like this one has striked the people and the co. has reached zenith.

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