02 December 2011

Have it All or Get What You Need

I read The Working Woman’s GPS, When the Plan to Have It All Has Led You Astray, by JJ DiGeronimo. GPS in this instance is short for Goals with a Sense of Purpose and Self (GPS). 

JJ lived in the generation that developed the Have it All mindset. The battles for equal pay, equal treatment under the law, being valued as employee versus a “girl” had been waged and won. 

Ms. DiGeronimo learned through cultural experiences, advertising, society, as well as through interacting with other women and men, that she could have it all. She could have a challenging career, flawless husband, picture-perfect life; quality spare time for self, friends, community, philanthropy, hobbies and, of course, children. Whew!

Like most women, JJ did everything perfectly, for a while. Then she realized she was exhausted, over-committed and her life had become a tangled web of strings, with each string becoming a drain on her energy and time. In short, there was no joy in JJ’s life.

The path she followed on her journey from have it all to get what you need is detailed in her book.  JJ DiGeronimo developed a personal inventory that facilitates placing your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors into categories. For each person, answer how they make you feel, if the person gives you energy or drains you. More importantly, does this person support you? At the end of the inventory, you know who is behind you 100% and who is a good time friend. Next, JJ looked at assets and resources. Assets are what you bring to the table and resources are whom you know. One more inventory clarified feelings, commitments and risks that are present in everyday life. 

JJwent to other woman and listened to their stories. The inclusion of these women and their lives changed the book from a tangled web of strings to a tapestry of great beauty and utility. Find the support you need and add your threads to the tapestry at PurposefulWoman.com.  


riya said...

This information is really helpful for me
Thanks for sharing this information to public.

ravi4u68@gmail.com said...

I think that's a great tips fro everyone.And JJ DiGeronimo developed a personal inventory that are helpful.

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