29 October 2012

When you search on Facebook, the ads will come.

Marketers have learned to integrate intent signals from search engine marketing into retargeting for display ads. Now the online ad industry moves that concept into Facebook Exchange to verify when an ad actually gets viewed.

Infolinks, a new suite of real-time intent-based display ads for publishers. Dave Zinman, also credited for co-inventing the ad server, said addressing real-time "intent" targeting supports verification and viewability at the time consumers are on the page.

Infolinks' ad units serve nontraditional placements on the page. "Search is the place real-time intent is most commonly found," Zinman said. "We will serve display ads based on intent only when someone conducts an action, rather than previous intent."


Opensource Development said...

Some times that ads will irritate the users but few only likes that ads. Any way facebook get benefits out of their users. magento developers

Anonymous said...

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Cikgu Naim said...

Sometime there are a good ads,but mostly like OD said,it irritate,do any way that can block this.? The worth part is when they display the naked woman just for attraction and link to what is not surpose to.

Unknown said...

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