06 July 2006

Bold move on part of ESPN will encourage user generated content

John Zaccario, VP-digital media sales and marketing at ESPN, said "We want to make the sports fan the center of ESPN's universe."

Strong words for a bold move into new territory of social networking for sports fans. The major demographic, males 18-34 years old, will be courted and feted until they are totally engaged.

Features of ESPN's Sports Nation (to be launched Fall 2006)
  • User Generated Content encouraged
    • tools for fans to create online profiles
    • users contribute to and comment on sports blogs
    • favorite lists
  • Custom Sponsorships
    • advertising for community-driven elements of website
    • be THE official beer/soap/underwear for a well-known team
  • Monday Night Surround - taking Monday night to next level of engagement
    • scouting reports
    • team news
    • networking with other fans
  • Opposing team fans engage in battles for fan supremacy
    • trivia
    • contests
    • debates
    • betting (moderated)
  • Broadband Expansion
    • Scream, ESPN's new broadband player
    • ESPN 360 handled 40,000 simultaneous streams of World Cup play
If you read this far, here is a Gazoo for you.

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