31 October 2006

Six Keys to Mobile Advertising Success

From Media Post Mobile Media
. . . U.S. revenues stand at about $100 million for this year and will grow 250% next year, to finally crack $1 billion in 2010. Worldwide mobile ad sales will be $4.4 billion by then, with both Asian and European markets still ahead of the fast-growing U.S.

Datacomm Research has released a new study: Mobile Advertising: Opportunities & Illusions

Mobile phone-based customer relationships can be leveraged to increase sales, shorten the sales cycle, reduce customer churn, enhance customer satisfaction, facilitate peer-to-peer recommendations, and construct feedback loops that can be used to develop new products, improve existing products, and boost customer service.
Datacomm Research recommends mobile advertising that engages mobile users with contests, giveaways and special promotions. Marketers will have to offer manageable mobile marketing subscriptions to advertisers.

Marketers may want to test mobile advertising in just one phase of their marketing cycle: pre-sale advertising and promotions, sales or post-sale product tips and loyalty programs.

Using a static advertisement is not going to work with this market. This demand will give rise to mobile information services that deliver content to mobile users through a rich media mixture of of mobile phone, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth access.

MediaPost highlights successful uses of mobile advertising by USAToday (Sudoko game), Bravo (Project Runway) and eBay (the entire experience). Datacomm outlines the six keys to mobile advertising success. The report also contains a directory of 50 select mobile advertising vendors

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