29 January 2007

Pizzas, Pesos and Forex, Oh My!

I live in Texas and watch SiTV, the Spanish language channel. One of their news stories was about a pizza franchise, based out of Dallas called Pizza Patron, who announced this month that it would accept pesos for pizzas. Many accusations are flying about prejudice, patriotism and profiteering. Some people are even claiming that Pizza Patron is actually engaged in currency trading, better know as Forex.

While I do not believe Pizza Patron is engaged in Forex trading, I was interested in currency trading, so I visited Capitalor Forex Broker for more information. Capitalor Forex Broker offers a free demo account for learning how to trade currencies. Just push the Test to Trade button at Capitalor. Please visit Capitalor, sponsor of this post to learn about Forex, try your hand at currency trading with a demo or just jump into trading.

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