16 January 2007

Wirefly Announces Top 10 Cell Phones of 2006

I had just finished with the post below, Mobile Marketing and Advertising, when I saw this press release called Wirefly Announces the Ten Most Popular Cell Phones of 2006. Out of the top 10 cell phones of 2006, nine were camera phones, three were RAZRs, five were made by Motorola, one was a video phone by Song Ericsson, and one was the phone that I use, the Samsung T309.

I was amazed by the multimedia capabilities of some of the telephones, specifically the Sony Ericsson z525a, billed as a video phone. It is so much more than that. the Sony Ericsson can be used as a modem with additional software, and it includes a 4x digital zoom camera, 3GPPP streaming multimedia support, an MP3 player, Bluetooth wireless technology, and a camcorder that records up to 60 seconds in MPEG4 format.

I thought my Samsung T309 was loaded with features: I have a speakerphone; wireless capabities that allow me to access the Internet or my e-mail; send voice and text messages; and add photographs to any message. Of course, I can also personalize ringtones and wallpapers.

Although not in the top 10, 2006 saw the introduction of several smartphones, mobile PDAs and Pocket PCs. Also increasing was market share for cell phones for children, by Disney, of course. The addition of GPS capabilities was mandated by 911 legislation, but will be extremely useful to parents and travelers who want to know exactly where they are or a loved one is located.

I would say I do not know what is next, but I think I know. Soon we will have one device for all modes of communication and entertainment. Its a brave new world in 2007. To read more, please visit Wirefly.com, the sponsor of this post.

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