10 February 2007

Do Not Forget Valentine's Day

Ecards are appropriate for any ocassion. If your friend or family member has an email account, you may send a personalized ecard that is just right for a birthday, anniversary or graduation.

Although you may sign up for a free 30-day trial membership, you should just join for a year. It only costs $13.99 and then you may send unlimited ecards!

You may schedule different ecards to arrive on specific dates for different occasions. Never again will you have that sinking feeling that you missed someone's birthday or anniversary.

My girlfriend and I usually exchange funny birthday cards; we look for funny cards all year to give each other. Last birthday, she gave me 5 birthday cards! This year, she is living in Costa Rica, so I am going to send her ecards.

I was looking for free, funny birthday eCards, but I got sidetracked into ecards for Valentine's Day at Egreetings.com, the sponsor of this post. This card was called Cupid's Pick Up Lines and it was hysterical.


shelly said...

My friends usually send E-cards to me during special occasions too - and yes, I find Mr. Cupid, very hilarious, LoL!

christy said...

This is very helpful. Not a single special occasion you'll ever miss. All you have to do is make your choice and personalize it. Presto!!! An ecard will be send to your love ones, friends et al.

Jenna said...

Its almost Valentines again and I am glad I cam to your post. I was actually thinking what gift o card to send and this is actually a great suggestion. Thanks for the idea.

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