10 February 2007

User generated content going begging for viewers

A study conducted by InsightExpress for Advertising.com researched the online video viewing habits of 500 adults ages 18 and older.

InsightExpress found:
  • Almost a third of the respondents were likely to watch streaming music videos.
  • Nearly half of streaming video viewers are likely to watch news clips or music videos. Almost 88 percent of streaming video are viewed at home.
  • Viewers ages 35+ were 24 percent more likely to watch news clips than the overall group.
  • Conversely, respondents ages 18-34 were 38 percent more likely to watch streamed music videos than the group as a whole.

One surprising finding was that only 20 percent of those who view streaming video are likely to view user-generated content. With all the buzz about YouTube, you would think this number would be must higher.

For more on who watches online video, and what they watch, see eMarketer's recent Internet Video Audience report.

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