13 March 2007

Protect Your Eyes with Polarized Sunglasses

When I was young, the only type of lens you could order in glasses was glass. Heavy and breakable, I wore them to protect my eyes. Today, you have a choice of materials of which your sunglass lens may be fashioned. Polycarbonate is virtually indestructible; thinner, lighter and stronger than glass. Polycarbonate naturally blocks about 98 percent of the harmful UV rays.

Trivex, originally developed for military applications, is stronger, clearer, and lighter than polycarbonate. Trivex minimizes distortion that occurs when objects are viewed away from the optical center. CR-39 plastic is most frequently used for lens in prescription eyeglasses, mainly because it is the least expensive. This material works fine for non-sports related activities. SR-91 plastic is the ideal lens material for sports glasses, goggles and masks. The optical clarity, scratch resistant properties and weight make it the clear choice for sunglasses! SR-91 lenses are polarized and they block 100 percent of UV rays.

Now that you know more about lens material, you should visit the ADS Eyewear website, sponsor of this post. ADS Eyewear is an optician owned and operated company specializing in sports-specific eye wear, such as sports sunglasses, motorcycle sunglasses, ski goggles, prescription sunglasses, and protective sports eye wear.

You can search the website by type of sport, like high speed sports (motorcycling and skiing), high energy sports (bicycling, running, golfing), water sports (swimming, boating, waterskiing), impact sports (soccer, racquetball, lacrosse), and other (driving, fashion, casual).

The website makes it easy to shop, search by manufacturer brand, type of sport or activity, and even gender of wearer. Search for motorcycle sunglasses, and you can limit the search to polarized, medium sized men’s motorcycle sunglasses.

Added value makes shopping made easy, too, with a free cleaning kit, free shipping with orders over $100 and VeriSign secure shopping. There is lots of information on the site, like the motorcycle sunglasses buyers guide and the ski goggles buyers guide.

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saverspoint said...

I am totally agree with you now a day we have a lots of choice to chose from and sun glass are now used as a fashion statement. People how have some eye problem use glasses but other people use them as fashion accessories.

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