21 March 2007

Would You Repeat that Into My Pen, Please?

When was the last time you called customer service and actually talked with a human? Some customer service call routing systems do not give you the option to talk to anyone. If they do, just before you are transferred to the real human, you always hear the message, "This call may be recorded for quality control or for the purposes of training." What does this mean? Are they recording me so that I will keep my temper about calling 6 months in a row for the same problem? Maybe they hope I will violate some arcane telephone protocol and they will be able to justify handing me off to a supervisor?

Who listens to these recorded calls? I cannot think of anything more boring than listening to two people talk who know they are being recorded. But, what if you do not know you are being recorded? When I was younger, if you were being recorded, there was a tone every 30 seconds or so to let you know. No one could tape you without you knowing it.

Would you record a family member or your spouse if you thought you would discover something you needed to know? This is a thorny issue because you would be violating that person's privacy. Is there a time when this is considered necessary? Our government does it. Does that make it right?BrickHouse Security is a leader in the phone recorder market and also offers privacy products to detect and defeat call recording devices. Get a pen Phone Recorder. They are cool! So Bond, James Bond. If you need any type of spy-guy gadgets, you have to visit this website, BrickHouseSecurity.com, the sponsor of this post. They have everything to be covert, or is it overt?

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