24 April 2007

Counting Cookies is so 20th Century...

Cookie-Based Counting Overstates Size of Web Site Audiences
Frequent Cookie Deletion by 3 out of 10 U.S. Internet Users Leads to Overstatements in Audience Sizes by a Factor as High as 2.5
comScore released a study that analyzed the validity of using cookie-based data to measure unique visitors; moreover, to estimate the number of unique views of an advertisement. The results? Server logs that count unique cookies to measure unique visitors may be off as high as 2.5, for an overstatement of 150 percent.

I set my browser to clear cache, cookies and temporary Internet files each time I close the browser. Do you clear your cookies? Why or why not?


Sandy Carlson said...

I clear the whole shabang, too. I do so every time I logoff largely because the million and one customer service yoyos at Charter say it's a good idea. Cookie data on my stats means nothing to me. I don't fully get the concept, I'll admit. In this arena, I'm in "do as I'm told" mode.

By the way, I responded to the wolf petition on your other blog. Thanks for the heads up.

CyberCelt said...

@sandy-a cookie is a small piece of text that lets websites know what other websites you have visited. It is only one step further to a tracking cookie that is actually a bot that sends information from your computer to websites.

Thanks for stopping by Endangered Spaces and for taking action on the wolves. We can make a difference.

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