24 April 2007

SecureZIP Your Files for Total Security

There is a new product available for zipping (compressing) your files. SecureZIP-The next generation of ZIP-is a quick and easy-to-use application that secures, encrypts and zips your files so that you may email, FTP or store them with confidence that your data is secure.

If you are ready to get your own copy of SecureZIP, just visit www.securezip.com, fill in your email address on the form on the website, click the link in the confirmation email and download SecureZIP. This limited time offer is for an individual user license, not a trial copy that expires. FREE!

SecureZIP downloaded in less than two minutes and installed in less than two minutes. After installation, I was asked to register the software so that I may be kept informed of updates. A total of maybe five minutes and I am ready to ZIP up my tax returns, budget spreadsheets and personal correspondence.

After you install SecureZiP, visit SecureZIP.com, sponsor of this post, and read the online users guide. Find out how to get a digital certificate and how to use SecureZIP with certificates for secure desktop storage and for encrypting and signing email. There is information on site about using SecureZIP with antivirus software, group file sharing and even other zip programs. Easy and free!


Anthony said...

So many blogs...so little time.

Thanks for your comment on my carnival post. I wasn't sure how it would be easiest to get a message to you.

Saw you have a Blog Village link posted, is that for one site or do you have more than that? I'm in Blog Village as well --- easiest to start on the back page to find me.

Wondering if you're open to any link exchange?

Hoping we carnival together again soon. Your support and encouragement is appreciated.

CyberCelt said...

@anthony-I cruised over to your blog and left another message. If you have any questions, post them here.

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