15 August 2007

Do Not Make Me Angry

We wenting camping this past weekend. We had JUST hooked up our trailer to shore power, water and septic and unhooked the van. I had turned the air conditioner on in the trailer and we were taking a much-needed rest. Next thing we know, there was a huge truck pulling a fifth-wheel trailer stopping in front of our trailer.

We went outside and this red-faced person was yelling, "I am not trying to be ugly, but that is our space." I simply said that I was not going to unhook everything and hook the trailer up to move to another space, especially if that space was going to be claimed by someone later.

He got out of his truck and slammed the door. He threw his keys into the bed of his pickup truck so hard that they bounced off the truck bed liner and landed on the ground. "Well, I will get the d*mned ranger," he yelled, and he stalked off.

A few minutes later the ranger came by. We did have to move! Out of all the camping spots we could choose, that the ranger told us we could choose, we happened to pick the only spot that had reservations.

After we unhooked and hooked up and unhooked and hooked up again, we finally got to relax. I saw that red-faced man looking around the back of his pickup and yelling at his wife about the keys. I never said a word. Make me move and your day goes downhill fast. LOL


Anonymous said...

Ouch. Humans can be real jerks sometimes; I worry about us as a species.

Unknown said...

I would have probably lost it. There is one saving grace - the red-faced baboon will probably stroke out in no time at all. Once less miscreant to deal with. Good for you for not giving him a whack. You're a better man than I.
P.S. - If he had politely informed you that you were in his spot, I'm sure you would have not gotten as peeved. Nor would have I.

CyberCelt said...

@jeremy hobbs-I was just a big a jerk, but it sure felt good. LOL

@morgan-Yes, it was more the way he said it and the fact that he was yelling at me. I must admit, I was hot and sweating and ready to relax and probably did not handle it as well as I should.

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