07 August 2007

Total E-Commerce Reaches $95 Billion during First Half of 2007

On July 31 comScore released a report on U.S. e-commerce spending for the second quarter of 2007 Compared Q2 2006.

Retail E-Commerce Climbs 23 Percent in Q2 Versus Year Ago
Online Sales of Video Games, Consoles & Accessories Explodes

The top-gaining e-commerce category in Q2 versus year ago was video games, consoles & accessories, which jumped 159 percent on the strength of Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3 sales. Sport & fitness also saw substantial gains (up 58 percent), followed by consumer electronics (up 51 percent) and event tickets (up 44 percent). (read entire article)

Games and Gadgets Driving E-Commerce - eMarketer -read article

eMarketer analyzes data from leading sources and looks for trends to share. You may want to read that article as well if your line is e-commerce. What is incredible to me is the ratio of consumer spending levels with confidence in government levels. Personally, I have put off buying some big ticket items until the economy shakes out.


Ruri @ business education said...

This is really a good news, at least we know that right now internet grow dramatically and that's why we still have more market to grow.

CyberCelt said...

@ruri-Seems like games and gadgets are the place to be. Are y'all going to add a blog to your site?

E-Commerce India said...

Gaming and gadgets are definitely the place to be, but this figure is relevant only to the US markets. India being an economy on a rise with the internet still to grab a complete hold of its users, E-Commerce in this country has too much potential and is going to suddenly burst and contribute to a rather significant chunk of world over spendings.

Internet Marketing Tools said...


Good information! we all know that gaming companies are gaining millions of dollars that is only happen through with internet so i think this example is enough to know how internet is useful.

Car Titans said...

Yes, this is indeed good news. For all of us making a living on the Internet this can only mean that business will keep going well or even better in the years to come.

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