09 August 2007

How To Read Only Relevant News

Thoof should be your source for personalized news. Why?

Thoof is a source for news and information from across the Internet. If it is blogged, written, videotaped, published or syndicated, it is on Thoof.

Thoof has an algorithm, a computable set of steps to achieve a desired result; the desired result is a customized home page displaying only the type of information you wish to read.

Thoof is similar to Stumble Upon, except you do not have to rate items thumbs up or thumbs down. It is similar to Digg, except you do not have to dig or bury items. Unlike Stumble Upon and Digg, you do not have to register or login to use the service.

Your experience with Thoof will be better if you sign up and login because it will enable your personalized home page to be saved for you. Otherwise, you will have to start over next time you visit Thoof.

Although Thoof was just released from beta, the developers are working hard to add usability features. New features allow you to add items to your favorites, view all entries by a particular person or from a specific source, and add a ThoofRank Badge to your blog or web page containing the stories you submit to Thoof.

The ThoofRank is a measurement of how interesting your story is to readers who have read similar items. Your ThoofRank, calculated as a percentage of interest relative to other, similar, Thoof stories, is displayed on your ThoofRank Badge.

Below is a ThoofRank Badge from one of my other blogs so that you may view it.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. i'm hearing a lot about thoof lately. It seems like a good idea and useful for bloggers like me. Thanks

CyberCelt said...

@scary-Thanks for stopping by. You should submit a few stories to Thoof. Everyone loves spooky stuff.

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