10 March 2010

More On Search Engine Optimization

This article on Search Engine Watch by Eric Enge contains common sense information on SEO.

Don't Over Optimize Your Site - Search Engine Watch (SEW)
Unnatural behavior of any kind can lead to a site being flagged for over optimization.
Some types of "unnatural behavior" include:
  • Pages that have identical page titles and H1 headings.
  • Too many non-contextual internal links on your site.
  • . . . not finding text until well below the fold.  
I would recommend reading this article for a quick refresher on SEO.


haris said...

nice article

joseph said...

Thanks alot for this valuable information :)

Lex said...

Some good points - definitely agreed on keeping titles etc. Each page should have its own focus and not themed around exactly the same keywords as the other pages on the site. I'm not sure about the size of paragraphs thing though - does Google really look at that?

anjrot said...

thanks seo....info good for me

Aaron Wong said...

Oh wow. You can't win. Not enough optimization and no one finds you. Too much and no one finds you. There's no formula to do it just right...

article submission said...

Nice article...As you all know that SEO is the backbone of any company who runs their websites on the search engines...It is responsible for doing internet marketing of a particular website..

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