24 February 2006

Are you surfing to be amused or searching for information?

The Pew Internet and American Life Project suggests that approximately 30 percent (40 million) of Internet users were surfing for fun in December of 2005. This figure is 60 percent more than the 25 million Internet users reported in the 2004 Pew Internet Project.

Internet users with broadband as well as young adults reported surfing the Internet without a specific purpose. Senior citizens and users with dial-up connections conveyed that they go on the Internet for specific reasons (although they also admit to pleasure surfing).

It appears the Internet has gone from a tool for specific purposes-- searching for information, reading the news, shopping online, visiting a website or sending email--to an actual destination for fun.

The reason is two-pronged, according to Pew:

... broadband access in their homes and a growing body of content and applications on the web.

If Internet users are surfing, visiting and socializing on the web, what does this mean for Internet marketing and online advertising?

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