03 May 2006

Blog Exchanges Work for You

Everyone wants traffic to their blog. However, to be successful at blogging, you need more than traffic. Comments, links, ranking and community are what blogging is all about.

The following traffic exchanges were formed to support the blogging community. My favorite is BlogExplosion, with BlogMad a close second. As new blog traffic exchanges open, you may want to join them and test your results.

Blog Advance is a NEW free manual blog surf exchange community offering 1:1 ratio and free forum.

Blogazoo ~ different FREE blog traffic exchange. Surf other blogs to raise the popularity of your blog. Post your RSS feed and add your blog to the blogectory.

BlogClicker- free traffic exchange dedicated to blogs, with 2:1 surfing ratio, free image hosting, and monthly contests for cash and prizes!

BlogCrowd - free traffic generation system, 2:1 ratio, 20 seconds guaranteed exposure.

BlogExplosion - Rent your blog space and enter your blog into the Battle of Blogs! Statistics, blog directory, blogs, podcasts and banners.

BlogMad - fun blog traffic exchange with 1:1 ratio, featuring directory, text link and banner exchange. Now in 2nd Beta and ready to rock.

Blog Traffic - free blog traffic exchange, directory, banner and text link exchange. 30 second timer free members earn 0.75 credits per autosurf visit, free members earn 1 credit per visit on manual surf.

Remember, most traffic exchanges allow blogs, but you will not find the community that exists at blog traffic exchanges. Stay away from autosurfs. No one is reading your blog and if you use Adsense on your blog, you may be dropped.

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Anonymous said...

BlogAdvance is also offering members to upgrade their account and earn money while they are surfing to promote their blog.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for mentioning BlogMad.net in your post!

We really appreciate the link to our site and know that BM can help you further your traffic numbers and increase your readership.

Frank Law said...

I have had a horrible time with blog exchanges, people are getting harder and harder to trust. They remove links after the exchange at times and I have found that some folks highly over-value their websites. The spirit of working together is hurting, atleast as I see it.

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