03 May 2006

Are You a Splogger? It Makes bAdSense.

I posted this article back in October of 2005 on my other blog. I thought it might be outdated, but there are still Splogs out there. Search term Sally is still writing meaningless content with key words and AdSense.

Now, there is software to manipulate content, traffic exchanges for clicks to your AdSense ads, websites you can purchase that are optimized for Adsense. In fact, these people are advertising in Google AdSense advertisements on blogs on Blogger (Google site).

Just last week, I received a letter from Google that said (advertising-for-success.blogspot.com) showed characteristics of a SPAM blog and that it was shut down for posting until it was inspected. I answered the email so they knew I was a real person, but had to wait a week to get my blog cleared as not being SPAM.

I am still wondering what sparked the interest of the SPAM Squad. Could it be another Hoopla trick? I guess closing my Traffic Hoopla account and deleting my BlogHoopla was not enough fun.

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Splogging is a combination of SPAM and Blogging. In a post by Robert Stockton, the character, Search Term Sally, really caught my eye.

It was the only blog that had not been removed from publication on Blogger (owned by Google) and it is the type of splog I see most often on the Internet. Excerpt from actual blog at http://bsnn.info:

The continued success of electronic commerce means that baton rouge car accident lawyer traders gain more experience in offering goods and services for sale There are many advantages that e-commerce will give the attorney general office in houston retailers will have over the mall and physical store type mesothelioma trial lawyer phoenix arizona.

Search Engine Sally, the keyword queen, uses all high ranking keywords and key phrases in a post that makes no sense. Why? To provide keywords for the Google Adsense ads on the site, a flagrant violation of Adsense rules.

From a post By Jim Hedger, StepForth News Placement, Inc. Splogs + Scraping + AdSense = Fraud:

If you run across a site that you consider spammy and it has AdSense on it, clïck on the 'Ads by Goooooogle' link and clïck 'Send Google your thoughts on the ads you just saw'. Enter the words spamreport and jagger1 in the comments field.

Makes (Ad)sense to me.

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